I’m back!

Sorry for going AWOL there for about a month, but it just hasn’t been easy to get my blog in anywhere. I need my own computer. On the subject of the Yankees, I’m not very happy for explainable reasons. I’m going to take a wild guess and say you can probably figure them out. But the Yankees are leading right now in the 8th, so perhaps we’ll take the third game of the 4 game set vs. the Devil Rays. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m going to see the Yankees vs. the Rays in the House that Ruth built in one week!!!! First time going to The Stadium!!!!! I’ve seen the Yanks in person at least once for 10 years running, but never in New York. Aaaaaaaaaand then we could see them six days later in Baltimore! Aaaaaaaaand I’ve been contemplating the possibility of seeing A-Rod’s 500th, aaaaaaaaand realized that I just could! That would be fantastic. So yeah. We’re going into the 9th and Carlos Pena homered for the Rays, but it’s still 5-4 Yanks. Mo’ll be coming in. Good situation…..

Q: What do you think the Yankees should do during the next couple of weeks, besides win? Trade, stay put? Promote, demote? Put in your 2 cents. It’s your call. Now if only I could find a way to send suggestions to Brian Cashman….


Up to Cloud 9… and violently shoved off by some metropolitans.

I’ll say it so you don’t get put off by this post: 9-1 is a great last 10 games. GREAT. But a loss while the Red Sox pound the Giants is not cool. Not cool at all. I exclude Miguel Cairo and Roger Clemens from my disgust. But here’s a short list of wasted opportunities by the Yanks:

1st inning: Jeter on 2nd, one out. Abreu and A-Rod strike out.

2nd inning: bases loaded, two out. Melky strikes out.

3rd inning: Abreu on 2nd, two out. Posada strikes out.

4th inning: Cano on 1st, Matsui on 2nd, none out. Josh Phelps flies out and Cairo grounds into a DP.

8th inning: Jeter on 2nd, one out. Abreu flies out, giving Jeter third, then A-Rod grounds out.

5 wasted opportunities? The "best offense in baseball" can’t get a run off OLIVER PEREZ? Granted, Cairo got robbed of a 3-run shot, but surely you can get more runs than ZERO against OLIVER PEREZ! Watch out for that Esteban Loaiza, Yanks.

Eight straight!!!!!!!

The Yanks are shooting up, not down (a nice change) in the division! A-Rod! Bobby’s back to bashing! Moose is dominant! What do you have to say about Andy Pettitte? Jorge is spectacular! New Yankee nickname: Joltin’ Jeter! Mo is on track (finally)! Honestly, how many people thought it would be a good thing if the Yankees were 8 1/2 games back on the Red Sox. In one week-I repeat- one week what seemed like a lost season is now looking like a great turnaround in Yankee history! We are less than 10 games back and it’s two weeks to the All-Star game! WE’RE WITHIN STRIKING DISTANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of the All-Star Game, Jorge Posada is being cheated out of the start by voters who vote for people they like (i.e. Pudge Rodriguez) instead of people who are doing the best job for their teams. All who agree say "Aye".

Backseat G.M.ish thoughts…

In this oh-so-dull New Mexico afternoon, I will be revealing my deepest thoughts about trades an’ stuff for the Yankees. Besides fire Cashman:


Do you really want a set up man with an ERA over 4.00? No, but the Giants could sure use him (on their active roster, they have a grand combined total of four saves, one for Steve Kline and three for Brad Hennessey). He’s big and he throws hard (and the Giants are in another league, so maybe they don’t know about his little control problem!). Lowry is expendable to the Giants because they have Matt Morris, Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum, and Matt Cain making up the rest of the rotation. New set up man: Brian Bruney and Scott Proctor platooning until Phil Hughes comes back. He’s young and already having injury problems, so if he pitches one inning each appearance, the Yankees would need a blue chipper like Lowry in the rotation in his place. Next year, Rocket would probably be gone, so it works out that Hughes would join the rotation next year.


Of course, getting rid of a pitcher happens after getting Lowry. But does anyone in New York still want Vizcaino coming in when it counts? Imagine: Rocket has just thrown six innings of good baseball in the 7th game of the ALCS vs. the Red Sox. Yanks are up 4-2. Do you want Vizcaino coming in? Shouldn’t take much thought to reach the conclusion: **** no! Bernie would help our constantly getting hurt and coming back outfield, too. You can’t argue much with me about this.


It’s simple: The Angels would take Damon because of his experience, the Yankees would take Kotchman because of his talent. Hillenbrand gets moved to first by the Angels, Damon DH’s. Kotchman takes over first. Phelps and Cairo platoon DH. This trade would work, mark my words.


What real explanation do you need?

Wow! No-nos and 7 win streaks are great!

First thing’s first: Congratulations Justin Verlander, Rookie of the Year in 2006, for retiring 27 Milwaukee Brewers for 12 strikeouts. A couple of good plays saved him from a good shutout ("only"). In New York, no no-nos, but a three run shot by Bobby is the game winning homer for the Yanks-with no one out in the 1st. Wang fantastic, as Cairo and Abreu have both been as of late. Who thought the Yankees having a .500 record could be oh so very sweet? Mo is also picking up the pace, saving his eighth. His ERA is all the way down to 3.96, and let it stay below that dreaded 4.00 mark for the rest of the season. Two no-nos! And everyone said no hitters were becoming a thing of the past. Yanks are in second place, and they haven’t lost a game in a week (knock on wood). A great day for baseball. Lastly, my question for the public: Do you think the Yankees should shoot for the wild card at this point, or try to overtake the Red Sox?

P.S. Congrats, Justin for not letting the birds on the field distract you.

All-time coaching staffs

My dad and I decided to do a thing where we chose our all-time coaching staffs. We took turns picking manager, bench coach, hitting coach, pitching coach, 1st base coach, and 3rd base coach. Just wanted to post this because it seems kinda interesting. So, without further ado, we will start with my all time coaching staff and move on to my father’s after that.

My coaching staff:

MANAGER: John McGraw

BENCH COACH: Miller Huggins



3RD BASE COACH: Casey Stengel

1ST BASE COACH: Jim Leyland

And my dad’s:

MANAGER: Casey Stengel (I let him bend the rules a bit)

BENCH COACH: Willie Randolph


PITCHING COACH: Mel Stottlemyre (I don’t get it. Ask him.)

3RD BASE COACH: Johnny Goryl


If you have any questions, just ask me through a comment! If you have a question for my dad, ask through a comment and I’ll have him respond through my blog.

What’s your all time coaching staff?

Streaking Yanks!

I was going to post this yesterday, but the Internet connect failed, so I’m trying again! Good luck, me. Here’s my review for the last couple of days (I’m moving, so it’s tricky to get my blog into my regular schedule):

June 6: Yankees 5, White Sox 1

Wang goes the distance with his new haircut, K’ing 4. Abreu homers and Damon hits two doubles.

June 7: Yankees 10, White Sox 3

Moose gives up one in six. A-Rod grand salami in the 9th. Mo slams the door for the save (it was 4-3 when he entered).

June 8: Yankees 5, Pirates 4

Looked bad at the 7th inning stretch, 4-2 Bucs including an inside the park homer by Chris Duffy, but Yanks battle back with two runs in the bottom of the 7th. Walk-off, bases-loaded single by- who else?- Jeter wins it in the 10th.

June 9: Yankees 9, Pirates 3

Rocket relaunches in style. 6 innings, 5 hits, 3 runs, 7 strikeouts for a W. He also moved into 2nd place on the all-time strikeouts list (Randy Johnson took the lead right back the next day). Robby goes 3 for 5.

June 10: Yankees 13, Pirates 6

Clippard a bit less than solid ( 6 runs, 3 walks in 3 2/3), but ‘pen finally holds steady. Abreu 4 for 4, 4 runs and a triple. A-Rod 2 for 3 with 2 homers, 4 runs, 5 RBIs, and 2 walks. What more can you really say?

So we’ve won 6 straight now for a 30-31 with a sweep of the Pittsburghers. Monday’s off, then Tuesday at the stadium vs. the D’Backs, Webb n’ Wang. Before I go: Do you think the Yanks should make a move to rectify the first base situation, and how do you think that the Rocket’s absence in the clubhouse between starts will affect the atmosphere?

R.I.P. Clete Boyer, a truly great defensive third baseman (wasn’t too bad with the stick, either).